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Lawn Mowing Services Little Rock Ar

Lawn Mowing Services Little Rock Ar

Mowing a lawn and maintaining it sounds easier said than done. Not maintaining your lawn correctly can cost you in the end, in terms of money, time, and effort. W&A Lawn Services offers lawn mowing services in Little Rock, AR, to ensure your lawn and soil remain in good shape and minimizing the growth of weeds.

Tips for maintaining your lawn

One of the biggest things you want to do when maintaining your lawn is to minimize the growth of weeds. So, you need to avoid doing something called scalping the lawn, where you mow the grass far too short. This will lead to sparse, weak grass growth, and expose the soil, providing the perfect breeding ground for weeds.

Scalping could work, however, if done properly. It can remove dormant grass and encourage new grass growth. It’s best to get our experts to do it because you may end up scalping too much which leaves exposed soil and allowing the weeds to take root.

Another thing you need to get done is lawn aeration. Sometimes, lawn thatch (layers of dead organic matter) tend to build upon your lawn and prevent access to important nutrients and water to plants. Lawn aeration can break up the compact soil and allow your lawn to ‘breathe’ and for plant roots to get the hydration and nutrients they need.

The best professional lawn mowing services

If you get your lawn maintained professionally, you can get all the gardening services needed to ensure optimal growth for your plants and grass. We offer lawn mowing services in Little Rock, AR, that includes:

  • Lawn Aeration– Aeration helps break up compact soil, to allow nutrient and water access to the root zone of the grass. Scalping will also be done properly, so that old grass will be removed without leaving the grass sparse and exposing the soil.
  • Lawn Edging– This is the most overlooked process in lawn mowing, but it prevents the grass from taking root in the flowerbeds. It also adds to the aesthetic of your lawn.
  • Leaf Removal- Not only do a bunch of old leaves make your lawn look unkempt and messy, but they also encourage fungus growth by storing too much moisture in them. It prevents your garden from breathing and discourages healthy grass and plant growth as well.

What landscaping services do you provide?

In addition to lawn mowing, we offer a range of landscaping services, including:

  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Irrigation and drainage systems- A proper irrigation and drainage system is essential for any lawn, as too much or too little humidity can negatively impact grass or plant growth.
  • Pruning and hedge trimming
  • Adding Mulch

Professional lawn mowing and maintenance services can save you so much time and trouble in maintaining a perfect lawn! W&A Lawn Services offers lawn mowing services in Little Rock, AR.

Lawn Mowing Services Little Rock Ar