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Glass Restoration Services

Glass Restoration Services

Glass art and other glass objects can be easily damaged, chipped or cracked. When these problems occur you need quality glass restoration services to make the repairs. Many different glass objects can be fixed and can be brought back to their near-original appearance. Glass sculpture is a lost art and is not as commonly seen as it once was. If you have a glass object that is broken, don’t throw it out – have it restored!

Professional Glass Restoration Services

If you have a glass item that needs repair keep in mind that it is best done by professional glass restoration services. Do not try to make a repair yourself. Repairs have to be completed properly in order to maintain the beauty, integrity and value of the piece.  There are many different kinds of art glass and objects that could require repair. Some of the most common include Murano, Steuben, Lalique, Tiffany, Daum and Baccarat. There are both antique and contemporary glass that might have been damaged and in need of repair.

Your piece may be in extremely poor shape or may simply have some minor damage. Regardless of the damage, glass restoration services can make both major and minor repairs to a glass item. If you have the pieces that broke off they can be replaced. It is helpful to provide these pieces so that the object can be restored properly.

How Glass Restoration is Done

If you have a piece of art glass that is damaged the first step is to have it evaluated by a professional. In general, most art glass can be repaired, however, the damages could be extensive and require quite a bit of restoration work. An evaluation will help you determine the value of your piece and how extensive the restoration process will need to be to make the repairs.

Professional glass restoration services can match any type and color of glass. Repairs will fix the piece and make it look as it did before it was broken. In many instances, the repair cannot even been noticed unless you look at it very closely. The goal of any restoration project is to try to bring the piece of glass as close to its original appearance as possible.

Bokrosh Studio

Bokrosh Studio is a glass art studio that offers glass repair. The studio was founded in 1985 and offers a wide selection of art sculptures as well as providing high quality glass repair. Glass sculpture is a beautiful art form and one that is timeless. If you have a glass object that suffered some damage it can likely be repaired. Bokrosh Studio glass repair can be made on almost any type of art glass sculpture or object including stained glass and chandeliers. High quality repairs are necessary to bring a piece of glass back to its original appearance. It can be made to look beautiful again and a piece that you will again be proud to display in your home. Contact to learn more about our professional services.


Bokrosh Studio


Glass Restoration Services

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